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Monday, September 24, 2012

Change of Pattern

For some time now I have had on display this rag rug.


I thought I would try it as an experiment as something a bit different. However no one has shown any sort of interest in it. When displayed on the boat with all my others, it doesn’t even get looked at! So over the past 4 days I have changed it to this.


The reason for this is that during last winter I made a new one similar to this, and it sold early in the year, hence the change. Let’s hope I have more success with the newer version.



Neil said...

Corinne really likes the rag rug in the top picture! She said she would especially like one with that design in maroon/pink to match our paintwork. :)
Neil, Snipe & Taurus

Working Narrow Boat Hadar said...

Hello Neil, unfortunately I cannot do rugs to order. I use old T-shirts, and my original stock is getting very low. To be able to do rugs to order I would have to buy the material on the roll, which apart from being expensive I do not have the room to store it on the boat. There is a lady who lives on a narrow boat who does buy the material by the roll, and can do to order, but her rugs work out very expensive. I cannot remember her name or the boat name.