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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Almost there.

Friday 17th April.

Having worked really hard all week, today it was nice to relax a little knowing we only had a few things to finish off. Having walked Paddy, my first job of the day was to walk into Uxbridge to do a little shopping, nothing to exciting, but things that needed to be done, like banking and food shopping. Just the usual mundane things that we all need to do from time to time Whilst I was away Keith painted the engine exhaust lagging with white emulsion paint in the engine room to seal it all in a hard exterior to keep it neat and clean, but also to stop Marmite from using it as a clawing post. She absolutely ruined the first lagging by clawing away at it. Painting it with white emulsion paint not only stops her from damaging the lagging it also keeps it clean. On returning from my shopping trip, which I managed to do without getting lost. I set about stowing away all the paint cans we had used throughout the week, I then began wiping down the gunwales and the bow, getting rid of out muddy footprints. After some lunch Keith and I then put the bow and stern fenders back on. Hadar was now coming together. I cleaned the brass on the summer chimney and then Keith attached the brasses. It seems that it is always the little jobs that take the time. With all the jobs finally out of the way, there was nothing else for it but to have a nice hot shower. I then did the last of the washing and drying, which meant I could fill the water tank back up. Hadar was now ready for the off on Saturday morning. After dinner we spent a lovely evening at the Hillingdon Boat club in the company of Mike and Julie from NB Solveigs Song, who have a mooring on the Hillingdon Canal Club moorings. We got to know them both through the Boats and Canals Forum, and have remained friends ever since. Over a couple of drinks we got chatting about the past years adventures, and the progress of their boat. It was also a chance to talk about what we hope to achieve in this coming year. There is always so much to stay to friends and just so little time, because before we knew it, it was home time. Mike and Julie if you are reading this, thank you for a lovely evening, we look forward to doing it again sometime. We got back on the boat and I could not help but notice the boats had move from behind us on the canal, so we had a clear view of The General Eliott pub all lit up at midnight.


Anonymous said...

Was good to see you both and hope to catch up again before too long.

Keith and Jo said...

Hi Julie. It was great to see you Mike and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Jo x