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Friday, April 10, 2009

Harefield to Uxbridge.

Friday 4th April.

Harefield to Uxbridge, 4.1 miles and 4 locks.

After a couple of nice days in Harefield, we were going to head off, destination 'The Swan and Bottle' moorings in Uxbridge. It was not a particularly nice day, no sooner I opened the back cabin doors, Paddy and I were met with drizzly rain. Paddy therefore made his walk a quick one, he then did an about turn and legged it back to the boat, where he knew his breakfast biscuits would be waiting.
At 9.25am we let go, it was now drizzling quite hard as we approached Black Jacks Lock, where a family of Australian's were watching our every move. The lock was full and a boater waiting to come up opened the gate for us, this was much appreciated. We were lucky all the way down as the locks were either with us or someone was coming out of the lock, leaving the gate open for us.
We arrived at 'The Swan and Bottle' mooring, where there was room for us to slide into. Before taking off our coats and wet gear, we walked down to the Uxbridge Boat Centre, to let them know that we had arrived, as we are due to go into dry dock at 9am tomorrow morning.
For the next week we will be hard at work blacking Hadar's bottom and doing some paintwork jobs, so we may not be able to get online. So think of us up to our armpits in bitumen, whilst you are enjoying your Easter Eggs LOL. Have a wonderful Easter break whatever you are doing. I will take pictures and post if I can.

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