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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just a quickie.

Wednesday 22nd April.

Cowley to the Slough Arm Junction, 0.6 miles.

Last night Keith took me out for a meal to celebrate my Birthday, we had a lovely meal at the Malt Shovel. Well worth a visit if you really cannot be bothered to cook.

This morning we were woken up by the birds singing and the thump, thump of an engine as a boat passed us by. The sound of this engine is instantly recognisable as NB Gerald No 13. Roy was on his way to Little Venice. (See you there Roy).

We took the decision to move to the entrance to the Slough Arm for a few days, as we want to get some more paintwork done, which we cannot do at the Cowley moorings because of the trees. Our boat was covered in tree sap which has made the roof and sides very sticky. We left the 7 day moorings at 9.30am for a 20 minute jaunt in glorious sunshine.
Wouldn't it be nice of this weather lasted all Summer?
We will be staying here for a few days, before heading to Little Venice, where we will be helping to set up for the Little Venice Cavalcade at the beginning of May.

Keith and I received some great news via an e-mail today. Over the winter we cruised the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal. We were researching the possibility of doing a winter coal run on this section of canal, which would be from Mount Sorrel to Crick including the Market Harbrough and Welford Arms. Having been asked by a few people to be the coal boat on this section, we contacted BW reagarding this. This afternoon we received an e-mail from BW who have given us permission to be the coal boat on the Leicester Section, yippee. So if your thinking of wintering on the Leicester Section and you need coal, keep us in mind.


Pete said...

I actually thought about the coal boat situation and possibilities on the Leicester Section when we did it this year.

The two problems I thought of (and why would anyone ever listen to me) were the lack of liveaboards on the main line and the fact that you are at the mercy of the river in the northern section. Still, good luck if you decide to give it a go.

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo, a very Happy Birthday from us

Myra + Iain said...

Hello, my name is Iain, from NB Martlet, our blog is 'Martlet Derbyshire'. we met and spoke to Roy today at Bulls Bridge.
Was the Misty Lady that you previousy owned a Warble boat? I only ask as we used to move boats for ABNB and we moved such a boat from Floods Ferry on the middle levels.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news Jo - We moor at Crick and live in Leicester - it is a wonderful stretch of canal - hope to catch up with you both soon - I was waiting for you to come thru Leicester but you turned at Kilby. Are you going to Shackerstone this year?

Maggie (Forever Young)

Keith and Jo said...

Hi Pete.
We had a few people ask us whilst on the Section whether we would be their coal boat and having researched it to the point of exhaustion, we realised it was the ideal section for us, because there are not to many boats. We can only carry a maximum of 7 tonne at anyone time, so not a huge amount. we also have permission to load at a couple of Wharfs should we run out or get caught out by lock stoppages etc. The hope is that we will in the Christmas 2 week window be able to get down to our supplier at Nether Heyford and get back on to the section for after the break. But I am sure things will not go as planned, when does anything these days. We are however really looking forward to the adventure, it has been a few years since anyone supplied coal up there and we have been welcomed, not just by boaters but by those on land as well. Happy Cruising Jo x

Keith and Jo said...

Hi del and Al. Many thanks. Just another year oh the tired old bones hahahaha, happy cruising, hope to see you again soon. Jo x

Keith and Jo said...

Hi Myra and Iain. Pleased to hear Roy was doing ok, we will be meeting up with him at Little Venice. N.B Misty Lady was a Warble boat yes, she was dark blue, with a pale green coachline and she had Adelaide, Australia on the cabin side. Would this be the same one?
If so, she was last moored at Kesgrave. we sold her to a gentleman who wanted her as a liveaboard, sadly he was not keeping her up to scratch and she loked very poorly when we last saw her. Jo

Keith and Jo said...

Hiya Maggie. We look forward to catching up with you some when. Sadly we are not now going to Shackerstone as we have been invited to the 200th Anniversary of the Market Harbrough Arm at Foxton. That takes place around the 10th October, so it would be cutting it very fine. If you are going have a lovely time.
Jo xx

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Well done getting the coal run.
Brian and Diana

Keith and Jo said...

Many thanks Brian and Diana. We are excited at the prospect of having our own run.
Hope you both keeping well?
Jo x