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Friday, April 03, 2009

Hunton Bridge to Rickmansworth.

Friday 3rd April.

Hunton Bridge to Rickmansworth, 5.2 miles and 10 locks.

I had a particularly restless night, and remember the church bell chiming at 1am, 3 am and 6am, there was definitely a pattern developing I reckon. When we did get up, all the usual morning jobs got done before we let go at 9.20am. I walked down to the first lock of the day, which is part of the Hunton Bridge Pair. As we approached Lady Capel’s Lock, we noticed a boat winding below the lock and thought our luck may be in, as far as someone to share the journey with, but it later became apparent that this boat was already sharing with another boat. After descending Lady Capel’s lock we were into Grove Park the home of the Earl of Essex.The canal then winds its way through beautiful Cassiobury Park, which at any time of the year looks stunning. We arrived at each lock just as the pair of boats was leaving it and I would shut the gates for them.We spent a nice few hours cruising alongside the River Gade. What is noticeable is the lack of visitor moorings. Keith remembers when there were a lot of visitor moorings along this stretch, these days they have been turned into Permit holder moorings for residential boats. Leaving very few places for moving boats to moor up for the night. Our last lock of the day was Batchworth Lock, once we had descended down through the lock; we squeezed ourselves into a mooring opposite Tesco. It is incredibly busy with all moorings taken. We are now going to spend a few days here, enjoying the Aquadrome and Rickmansworth. Because we cruise all year round we get to look at some fantastic gardens, but we also see some shoddy garden, who go into the could try harder file. Today I spotted this garden on a boat fender. They have a flourishing Buddleia, Nettles and other foliage growing out of their rear fender. A definite could try harder.

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