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Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's time to move on.

After a week of enjoyable toil and nose to the grindstone, Hadar is all ship shape and ready for the off.
Our Alarm went off at 6am, and I immediately got up and had breakfast, closely followed by Keith, who had not had a good night again. I took Paddy for a walk across the park, where the sun was coming up above the town of Uxbridge.
When we got back to the boat Keith and I did a few final things to prepare Hadar for leaving the dry dock, like disconnecting the landline and removing the gang planks. Chrissie and Paul did the same, we were all champing at the bit to get going.
Andy arrived at 7.40am and opened the paddle, which allowed water to come flooding into the dry dock.
It was no more than 20 minutes and the dock was full and both NB Anjuna and Hadar were once again afloat. We enjoyed our final conversation with Chrissie and Paul, who have been an absolute pleasure to share a dry dock with. Perhaps we should arrange to do it all over again in two years time. I reckon it worked so well, because were were like minded people. I am not sure I would want to share a dry dock with the neighbour from hell, as it is not as though you can just pull up pins and move, like on the towpath, you are stuck with them for a week. I hope that Chrissie and Paul did not think of us as the neighbours from hell, even if my singing was aweful when I had my Mp3 player going whilst polishing the boat. I have a naughty habit of singing along to the music, when I have my earplugs in. Once the dry dock was full the gates were opened and we were on the move yippee.Chrissie and Paul were the first to leave the dock on their boat NB Anjuna, which looked stunning, they were trying ever so hard not to touch the sides. We followed closely behind them, exiting out into a bright but very chilly morning. It was so nice to see proper light, after the artificial lighting we had endured for a week. Getting Hadar out of dry dock was a little more difficult being 70ft long, because boats are moored opposite, which gives very little room for manoeuvre. It is a 24 hour mooring and yet these boats have been there for weeks and not moved on. Now why does that sound so familiar?
We waved Chrissie and Paul off, as they were heading towards Denham and we were heading towards Cowley. It felt lovely to be on the move again, but no sooner had we set off we were descending Cowley Lock and mooring up on what were permit holder moorings last year but have been turned over to 7 day moorings, where Roy on NB Gerald No13 was already moored up. This will be our home for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Keith & Jo for the mention on your website thats how I now know why people tell me where Ive come from.

Roy n/b Gerald #13

Keith and Jo said...

Hi Roy. You are more thank welcome. We are looking forward to travelling down to Little Venice with you. Jo

limpingalong said...

Does that mean you don't sound like Susan Boyle when you sing?

Keith and Jo said...

Hi limpingalong. Umm like anyone I think I sound ok, but not sure others would agree. Susan Boyle is a natural talent, what a fabulous voice that lady has. Still I enjoy singing, so thats all that matters hahahaha. I can always give out ear plugs to those who do not agree.