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Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Keith and I have been extemely busy with the blacking of Hadar, despite the fact that Keith is a little poorly with a cough and throat infection. Having jet washed her on Saturday, Sunday the hard work began with the first coat of blacking on the hull. We also blacked the gunwales of the hold. Thank goodness for the invention of the roller, it is a Godsend when blacking, as well as a good brush, all of which will get binned when we have finished. It is a lot of hard work, but well worth the effort. But I would say to anyone starting out, if your not sure of what to do, then get a boatyard to do the job for you, it does cost a bit more though. Blacking a boat yourself does keep the cost down once you know how to do it. Once the first coat of blacking was done, we set about rubbing down the stern.The bow took a lot of punishment over the winter, as we were ploughing through ice which was as much as an inch and half thick. The ice took some of the blacking off which had to be patched before we completely blacked the hull.Then hey presto it was done. All shiny and new. It always looks so nice when it is freshly painted and you feel like you have really achieved something. It's a shame to put her back in the water LOL. My last job of the day was to rub down the roof, as I wanted to start on that first thing in the morning.
We worked so hard that we were in bed early, but neither of us slept that great, Keith because of his cough and me, well it is my age hahahaha.This morning the schedule was to paint the boat's roof, with red enamel paint. It looks a little like red oxide primer and is extremely good stuff. I was surprised that it did not take me long at all once I got going. Whilst I did that Keith rubbed down the gunwales of the cabin, which are done in the same red enamel paint as the roof. Keith also rubbed down the undercoat on the stern ready for me to gloss, later in the day. In between doing these jobs, Keith touched up the sign writing on the bow and I touched up the paintwork on the engine room doors.Keith last job of the day was to rub down the Buckby can, which he has had for over 38 years and it still had its original paintwork, which was peeling off and looked very sad. Despite the fact that the Buckby can now has a few rust holes in her, we felt it was worth rubbing her down and giving her a new livery. Her first new coat of paint was some aluminium primer. My last job was to machine the curtains for the back cabin. Tomorrow we will be putting the second coat of blacking on the hull. It has been a very long day and we are both tired, so I am drawing to a close now, so good night.

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