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Monday, April 11, 2011

Clarkes Bridge to Logan Street Wharf

After the last few hot days, this morning had a chill to it. We set off and moored at Logan Street Wharf just outside Union Wharf. We went to the inaugaral meeting of a volunteer group who hope to adopt the towpath from Union Wharf to Bridge 14 to keep it tidy, and do some general maintenance. The adoption is being sponsered by Polly and Miles of Paws 4 Walking, as they and their staff regularly use the canal towpath for their dog walking, and as a responsible company who like to look after the canal towpath, for all to enjoy, but regularly notice how many dog owners are not very caring about what their dogs do and where. But not just dog mess, general litter, etc. as of course the council are not responsible for maintaining the towpath in a clean condition, like they are wth the streets and pavements. There was an enthusiastic turnout upstairs at the Waterfront Restaurant. There were representatives from the local BW land crew, whose responsibility for running such volunteer groups comes within their jurisdiction, as they will be supplying the hardware, any necessary training, and of course the necessary H&S regulations, they had quite a bit to say. There were many questions from the floor, and at the end of the meeting many of us set off down the towpath with the BW staff, to look at what needed to be done initially and in the future. In all a very productive morning, and a lot of enthusiasm was very noticable. Jo and myself of course are restricted to only being around during the winter, but I am sure our help will be most appreciated when we can offer it. We will be moored at Logan Street Wharf until Saturday morning.

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