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Monday, April 18, 2011

Logan Street Wharf to Gallows Hill

Our washing machine was collected this morning, so we decided to head out into the countryside to await its repair. Hopefully we will get a first coat of the new blue on the starboard cabinside, which is the last bit that needs painting. Well when I say last, not quite, the cants need painting, but we can't do them until we go into dry dock and have to take the rear fenders off.

Well we did get the first coat on, and apart from a further 2 coats to go on, and the cants, Hadar is now looking like she should do, and we are so glad we decided to change the blue.

Just before I started to paint I received a phone call about our washing machine, they had found the spider (whatever that is) was corroded and needed replacing. One has been ordered and we await the phone call to say it has been delivered and fitted.

We have decided not to wait for dry docking to paint the cants, if the weather is fine tomorrow we will start on them and just paint around the fender chains for now.


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