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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Norton Junction to Bridge 103, Lower Shuckburgh

Yet another cold morning, and an early start too, 6:00am. Braunston tunnel was warm, warmer than outside. Only the top lock at Braunston was against us, which makes a nice change, and we met a few boats travelling up the flight. We moored up near Brass Farthing, the bike shop boat, which was moored between Bridge 108 and Napton junction, and awaited Graham to turn up, which he did early than promised, and we sold my bike to him, chatted for a bit, then Tom on Archimedes arrived and Jo chatted briefly to him, ordering some toilet blue to be delivered with our next coal delivery. Tom zoomed off, as he has to be in London tomorrow, not bad as he only set off from Ellesmere Port Tuesday morning. He and James are doing 12 hour shifts, running both day and night. James has the night shift. We winded at Napton junction, to pass Andy from facebook going the other way. We have moored up near bridge 103, with a great view across the countryside for another long weekend, all we need now is the weather.


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