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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hadar Trading Company

Hadar all set up for trading at the top of Foxton locks. We managed to sell a few items, the most popular were Jo's hand knitted dish cloths, and the signs we had which say "Lovely lady and grumpy old man live here" sold out! Mind you we only had 3 to start with to see how they go. We obviously need to stock up on them if they sell that well. It was interesting that it was the ladies passing by who noticed them and thought they were funny. Says it all really.

Jo spent most of the afternoon knitting more dish cloths to keep up with the demand, they were selling faster than she could knit them!



Adam said...

The new blue looks lovely -- a big improvement on the paler one.

Keith Lodge said...

Thank you Adam, we are very pleased with it, a big improvement, we are glad we decided to change it.