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Friday, April 22, 2011

Union Wharf to Foxton Top Lock

We finally broke free from the magnetic pull, that seems to try to keep us in Harborough, this morning on what was to be a hot and sunny days trip. Having arrived at the bottom fo Foxton locks we were 5th in the queue, awaiting for the boats coming down the hill. It took us an hour to clear the locks, which normally takes as 45, so not too bad really. We are now moored at the top of the locks where we will be for the long weekend, hopefully selling lots of stuff.



Bruce in Sanity said...

Keith, if you guys can sell coal in this weather, you deserve an award!


Have a good and profitable weekend


Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Hi Bruce, hope you are both well and enjoying the lovely weather. We don't sell coal between March and October, we sell other stuff, see for details. As we are cruising the system during the summer and passing through other coal boats territory we do not advertise our coal, and with the sheeting up no one can tell we are carrying.