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Thursday, April 14, 2011


We have had a lovely day in Leicester today. We went up by bus this morning, to do some shopping, before setting off on our summer cruising, for some essentials. I upgraded one of our internet dongles, as the original one that Jo had been using was a bit temperamental at times, and hopefully the new one, which I am using will run better with Windows 7, which it seems to be doing so far. Jo has my original dongle, which performs much better on her laptop than her old dongle, which has been consigned to the drawer as a spare. We had lunch at our favourite Chinese buffet restaurant, excellent as always, one of only a few I know that can actually cook their beef dishes, and it isn't chewy like rubber. There was a continental market on today, and there were many stalls in the main streets, selling their wares. We did buy some much needed new clothing for the forthcoming summer, socks, underwear and polo shirts, which was the major reason for our trip to the city. On the way home we shared the bus with Peter who, with Ann his wife, live in one of the apartments at Union Wharf.

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