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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Droitwich to Worcester

A slow start this morning as we wanted to fill up with water from the wharf, but had to wait until the tap became free. Once the water tank was full, we set off down the Droitwich Barge Canal, which started out dry but changed to light drizzle by the time we arrived at Ladywood lock, where we met up with narrowboat Déjà Vu, who we shared to locks with down to the River Severn, where we moored up at Worcester Racecourse and they carried on down the river. By the time we arrived at the junction back onto the river the drizzle had stopped, and the sun has now come out again.

The Droitwich Barge Canal is very picturesque, and certainly lives up to what everyone was saying about it that came up to the festival that way. Definitely worth the detour through Droitwich on both canals, now they are open. We are definitely looking forward to returning to Droitwich in the future.


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