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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Gloucester Docks to Rea Bridge

We have now moved out of Gloucester docks, stopped briefly at the sanitary station, to empty the cassette, top up with water and empty the rubbish, then stopped a bit longer at Sainsburys for a good shopping session, and then moved onto Rea Bridge where we have moored for the weekend.

At Sainsburys we spotted some Samsung ES75 compact cameras for sale, and as when we had wandered around Gloucester Thursday, Jo had ended up with a headache carrying her Canon SLR around her neck for quite a long time, we decided to get one for when we wander around and don't want to carry the big camera. Full report to follow soon, after the battery has charged and we have tried it out. Maybe when we take a walk down to the river whilst we are moored here. It won't be photos of the Severn Bore though, not at this time anyway, not until the end of this month.


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