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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Framilode & Saul Churches

We have just had a lovely walk from Saul junction following the abandoned Stroudwater canal from Saul Junction down to the River Severn. as we approached Framilode the footpath became what was originally the towpath for the abandoned canal, which is surprisingly very much in water. Even more surprising was when the footpath came to the Ship Inn which backs onto the footpath and the old canal.

Ship Inn Framinlode

Further along the footpath/towpath we came across this row of cottages which from the stone wall at the canals edge would have probably been Framilode Wharf.


At the River we came across Framilode Church which has this amazing highly decorated interior to the roof.


We walked back along the road from Framilode to the village of Saul where we came across the church with some unusual aspects. All the paths from the gates to the church are grassed, which we have never seen before, and the entrance porch was this very pretty wooden one.


It has recently been stripped of many years of paint and looked amazing in it’s natural state. We have never seen a wooden entrance before. We know all about this because as we arrived an elderly lady appeared and invited us to look inside. She lived just opposite and had always lived in the village, and was married in this church. She told us about the porch. Apparently the work had been undertaken by a local man, and it had taken him along time to strip it back to natural wood, but it was well worth it. Just a covering of oil and it looked like new.


We finished our trip with lunch and a beer at The Stables cafe at Sandford Bridge. We had started sitting out on the balcony, until our lunch arrived and it started to rain, so we had to scurry inside.

Before signing off I would like to give a mention to Dick and Sue who came to see us today. Dick and Sue who very kindly read our blog and have their own boat, thought they would come and find us as they were close by. It is always lovely to meet people who take the time to read ours and others blogs.


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