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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gloucester to the Yew Tree Inn, Chacely Stock


Yew Tree Chacely Stock


An earlyish start this morning with the first locking down from Gloucester Docks at 8:45am. We were in company with 2 other narrowboats in the lock, and we slid in between the 2 of them. I let them leave the lock before me, as I thought they would be faster, Mystic Lady was, but Cartonia wasn’t and I had to hold back until we cleared the East Channel at Upper Parting, and the river widened. We have moored at the Yew Tree at Chacely Stock, As I didn’t want to chance going too far and not being able to get a mooring. At least the sun is out today, a few black clouds have passed over but fortunately they did just that, pass over, without emptying upon us.


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