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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Upton-upon-Severn to Worcester.


Map picture


This mornings trip was definitely more like summer to start with, then the clouds returned, but by the time we arrived at Worcester it is still at least quite warm. We have moored at the southern end of Worcester Racecourse this time in this side of the footbridge in the photo and the rowing club, which is just out of shot to the left. We are closer to the city, so we will be walking into the city this afternoon after lunch for another explore.


We managed to get a different view of the cathedral this afternoon, from the riverbank walk.


Down along the riverbank was a gateway and in the wall next to the gate were all these flood marks over the years.


We heard lots of cheering from the other side of the river so we had to investigate, by crossing over the river at the bridge to discover the Worcestershire County Cricket ground, where they were playing Somerset, and are 367-3 at 8:30pm. We walked back to the boat on the other side of the river and Jo took this photo of Hadar as we crossed the new footbridge.


As we were walking back from the cricket ground we decided that we had to draw up a list of things we have to do, cricket match, rugby match, football match, grey hound racing, speedway and horse racing so far. Once back at the boat I looked up Worcester Racecourse to discover there was racing on tonight. After dinner we strolled over to the course to watch some of the racing.











A very pleasant way to pass an evening.



Neville said...

I feel a song coming on.

"This is a lovely way to spend an evening,
Can't think of anything I'd rather do"
Eddy Arnold


Keith (Boatman) said...

It was a lovely way to spend a warm summer evening Neville, especially as it was free entertainment, you don't often get anything for free these days.