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Monday, July 18, 2011

Slimbridge to Frampton on Severn


Frampton on Severn

A short journey this morning from Slimbridge to Frampton on Severn. We moored up before Fretherne swing bridge and walked into the village and along the half mile long village green.

The Cadbury's factory near Fretherne Bridge was established in 1916. Ground cocoa beans and sugar were blended with milk collected from local farms, and the mixture was baked to form chocolate crumb. This was taken by narrow boat to Bournville for final processing. I assume the cocoa beans and sugar arrived by ship at Sharpness, and were either delivered directly to the factory, or transferred into barges at Sharpness for shipment to the Frampton Factory.

As throughput increased, the huge concrete silo was needed to provide additional storage for the crumb. The factory closed in 1983, but the wharf area is now a small industrial estate.




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