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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chimneys and Mops

With the warm weather forecasted for this week we are taking advantage of the warm dry weather to get some of the painting jobs on Hadar done. Our chimneys and mops have had a revamp.


The hedgerow makes a good hanging place for the chimneys for painting and drying. Jo started to rub down the cratch to discover part of it has rotted, so I had to dig most of it out and cut a piece of timber to fit as a temporary fix, Jo used filler to fill in the rest.


Jo also prepared and undercoated the white band on the stern, whilst I painted the inside of our 2 water cans, which will need a few coats, as the previous layers were not enough. We also removed all the strings holding down the sheeting and scrubbed them, and put them back on, almost white again. We also put the summer front strings on, which are white, as opposed to the buff one we out on for the winter months. Jo also rubbed down and got 2 undercoats on the front hatch cover. We also rubbed down our other poles and teak oiled them. We are pleased to have got so much done today, less to do tomorrow.



Perry said...

Might I suggest using a sheet of waterproof 18 mm spruce plywood from Wickes for the cratch board?

It's tough and stable and takes paint well. The T&G original can be used as a template.There are always uses for the offcuts.

All the best,


Keith (Boatman) said...

Plywood is going to look really authentic on a working narrow boat!