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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Queen’s Head to Weston Branch.

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Weston Branch

At last the weather is starting to pick up, with forecasts for the week ahead very promising. Having spent a very pleasant day yesterday, with Graham and Emma, and their younger son Henry, climbing friends from when we used to live in Suffolk, who now live out this way. We set off this morning for the Weston branch, which is just below Frankton locks. Being well out in the countryside and no other boats moored here, we decided to take the opportunity to cut up some of the large wood we have been collecting over the winter, with our new electric chainsaw. Filling the saw up with oil.


Jo having a go, one of the reasons we bought the electric saw, so she could use it, she wasn’t to happy about using the petrol one, that will have to be my little baby.


We chopped up enough wood to fill 9 coal sacks, should keep us going for a while next winter.


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