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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weston Branch Montgomery Canal back onto the Llangollen Canal.

Map picture


Broom Bridge

We stayed moored at the Weston branch awaiting 12:00 midday, which is when the lock keeper was due to arrive at Frankton locks to let us through. As we sat there, boat after boat headed past us for the locks, 5 in all, but we were in no hurry, especially as we knew we wouldn’t be able to pull in anywhere. Once the boats started to move up through the locks we set off, and arrived just as the one before us was pulling forward towards the lock.


I managed to get the bow in, and Jo had to walk the gunwale to get off at the bow. The pounds were low so I had to creep down through the centre of them to the next lock.


Some black tulips below the lock chamber.


We cleared the locks, turned right at the junction and moored up at the 1st 48 hour mooring we came to, just before Val Hill No.3 bridge, where we will spend a few days this week painting, as the weather forecast is ideal for doing some sprucing up at last.



John F said...

This was the section of the canal we did in 2010 and loved it.
Thanks for the memories.

Keith (Boatman) said...

John, it is a very picturesque canal, we enjoyed our visit and look forward to our next visit.