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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crick to Flore


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A 7:55am start this morning got us to the top of Watford Locks ready for when they opened at 9:00am. It gave me a chance to chat to both Terry’s the 2 lock keepers. We were the 2nd boat down and all went well, and we were soon heading for Norton Junction. Once at the junction we turned south and headed for Buckby top lock, expecting we would arrive there and would have to wait for someone to share locks with. To our great surprise there was already a boat waiting, nb Ethel, and we shared the locks with Richard and Wendy, which was very pleasant.

As we passed Anchor Cottage Jo popped in to tell them about the water can we had bought from them with the handle that fell off, just so they are aware to check new stock don’t do the same.

Richard and Wendy pulled into a mooring below the bottom lock. We carried on and moored up just past Stowehill Wand before Flore Lane Bridge No.27. At least we are against the bank, if a tad shallow, but we do have a nice view of this unusual house from our galley window.



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