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Friday, September 16, 2011

Setting up the Festival Site


Today has been a busy day for Jo and I. We have been helping setting up the festival site. This morning Jo helped mark out where the outside stalls were to go, and I helped unload the chairs from the lorry, move fire extinguishers, and a few odd jobs. After lunch things really swung into action with the crafts marquee completed enough for us to start moving tables and chairs inside for the stall holders. Quite a huge task, with just over 60 tables and 120 chairs, but everyone knuckled down and we soon had it all set out ready for the arriving stall holders. We then had to move the remaining tables and chairs to the beer tent, which we did using Anne’s van and to save her having to stop what she was doing, which was organise the whole event, I volunteered to drive it for her. With the last few tables moved I now felt completely pooped, so returned to the boat to feed dog and cat. Jo is just finishing off helping direct stall holders to their allocated spots. I think both Jo and I will be sleeping very soundly tonight, to be bright and fresh for tomorrow.

We just hope the weather is going to stay reasonably dry for the weekend.

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