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Monday, September 19, 2011

Harborough Towpathers


Way back in the Spring whilst we were still in Market Harborough Jo and I signed up to join a volunteer group called “Harborough Towpathers”  and today we joined them on one of their volunteer days. We were given a lift by Miles of Paws 4 Walking, the sponsors of the group, and driven to Union Wharf where everyone met. We then set off for Bridge 14, which was the main task of the day. For over 20 years this wooden footbridge has never been painted.


This was us all posing at the bridge before work commenced. First the bridge had to be rubbed down before painting could start. As the bridge is very narrow, and not a lot of room for the army of volunteers assembled, 3 of us set off down the towpath for the one mile walk towards Union Wharf with litter pickers and bin bags, picking up litter. We filled two bin liners with all sorts of rubbish, including the remains of a plastic bucket, and a car’s hub cap! How that got beside the towpath is beyond belief. Amongst all this litter we found 35 bags of dog poo we picked up which had been left in the hedges.


Having got to Union Wharf we turned round and headed back to Bridge 14 and when we rounded the corner we saw this, a nearly finished bridge.


Quite a difference. It was now lunchtime which was the packed lunch we had taken with us. As we were now rather spare to the operation Jo and I returned back to Hadar before the painting was completed but this photo shows the final result, and for anyone who knows Bridge 14 it is now looking very smart.


We enjoyed the day, and we both look forward to helping on further volunteer days in the future.

When we had first arrived at Union Wharf today, and waited for everyone to arrive, I had tried to fit our Post Box, but because the post we are attaching it too was a bit wider than the U bolts I had bought and drilled the holes in the back of the box to fit, they splayed out a bit and no longer lined up with the holes in the box, typical. So I now have to return tomorrow by bus having filed the holes a bit to try to refit it again. I will be taking the file with me just in case.

The good news is that our new BW licences had arrived in the post today, phew.


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