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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Interesting Day


This morning we took a walk down the Foxton locks to see one of our previous customers. After a long chat we headed for Bridge 61 for some lunch and a pint. Whilst sitting inside supping our beer I noticed Stu, of Stu & Kendall from HFM, the local radio station.

stu & kendall

They along with some friends of theirs joined us for a pint and a good long chat. They told us about the “Foxton Family Fun Day” in Foxton Village, where the Harborough FM Roadshow was.


We thought we would wander down there to see what was happening. Unfortunately by the time we had walked there Moley had left so we didn’t get to see him, but no doubt over the next couple of weeks we will get to see him. There was quite a lot going on, especially for the kids like the bouncy castle and slide, with tombola's, raffles, candy floss, etc..

bouncy castle


These were the “Cuthbert’s Rainbow Twirlers” entertaining the visitors with their skills. Jo had a go at a sort of lucky dip, you paid £1 and could choose a bag which would either contain a bottle of wine or a bottle of water, and Jo picked one with a half bottle of wine, will go down well with dinner tonight. Jo loved to see the falcons and owls and spent quite a while chatting to the owners, who are hoping to set up rescue/breeding centre in Foxton, once they get planning permission, we hope they succeed. Certainly made for an interesting day which we didn’t expect.


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