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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Foxton Top Lock Cottage needs Demolishing!


Yesterday we moved Hadar about 100ft closer to the top lock at Foxton. Later in the day we switched the TV on, and our signal had all but gone. We adjusted the aerial, no joy, checked all the connections, still no joy. So we moved back to where we had been, perfect. The reason, the top lock cottage is in the way, so needs knocking down! or a huge hole drilling through it Smile.

Foxton 2

I doubt they will do either. So here we stay for now. Any one know where I can get some dynamite from? Cheap dynamite of course.

Foxton 2b

Now that’s better, more of the excellent view across the countryside.



Free Spirit said...

Hi Keith,
What a clever bit of art work!!! Wouldn't it be great if we could do that to everything we disliked!!
Hope to see you in October

Keith (Boatman) said...

Hello Irene, just a light hearted something to lift the day, lol.