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Friday, September 23, 2011

Flore to Stoke Bruerne

Map picture


What a lovely days cruising. Soon after we set off from our overnight mooring at Flore, just round the corner, we were approaching High House and our friends David and Elaine on nb Patience heard us coming and we pulled alongside for a coffee. Whilst there I wondered how much Spiderworx would charge for sign writing our gauging numbers back onto the cabinside, so whilst there I enquired and Colin came and had a look and said he could do it there and then at a very reasonable price. So we reversed back to the winding ole at the other end of the moorings, winded, and reversed back to be stern on to David and Elaine’s boat so he could do the port side first. Whilst here Jules on Towcester arrived to deliver some gas and other bits and pieces, whilst moored alongside Patience. When Colin had finished the port side, we then we returned to the winding ole, winded and returned yet again this time pulling in before his shed, and he completed the set. Excellent job, all ready for the Village at War Weekend at Stoke Bruerne.


Once completed and paid for we then set off for Gayton Junction where we reversed into the sanitary station mooring to fill up with water, empty the toilet cassette and get rid of rubbish. Then we set off again for Stoke Bruerne.

Blisworth Tunnel

It was like Piccadilly Circus in Blisworth Tunnel, with 4 boats coming the other way. Why do people try to talk to me in the tunnel as we pass? Don’t they realise I have ear plugs in and can’t hear them! Hahahahahaha.

As we emerged from the tunnel and started to wind in the winding ole, Mike appeared on the trip boat Charlie, so I abandoned the turn and pulled back alongside the towpath until he had completed his trip into the tunnel mouth, reversed out, and turned to return to the Museum for more passengers.

Stoke Bruerne 3

Once he was clear I winded and we reversed back to our usual mooring in the photo.

Stoke Bruerne (2)

We were moored here for last years event, so hopefully we will be ok here for this years. If you know this bit of canal we are opposite the narrow bit, where they can’t moor the historic pairs, so we are nicely out the way.


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