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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Amington to King’s Bromley

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Kings Bromley

Yet another bright morning, so after I cooked grilled breakfast mushrooms on toast for breakfast, we set off for hopefully another epic journey. We got to Whittington where we came across Les and Jacqueline on Valerie, so we pulled into the towpath and moored up to have a chat over coffee. As we were mooring up Michael on Victoria came chugging past on his way to Napton. Also just before Michael appeared Jo managed to catch a photo of the “Northern Belle” part of the “Venice Simplon-Orient-Express”.


After our chat we set off again. As we approached Fradley, the sun had warmed things up enough for me to take my fleece off, leaving only 1 polo shirt, 1 ordinary shirt, 1 tank top and my donkey jacket on! We also noticed a lot of towpath walkers, which increased as we got nearer to the junction. A very nice young lad opened the swing bridge for us, and more importantly closed it behind us. The warm sunny weather had brought a good crowd in and around The Swan. We carried on enjoying the warmth of the sunshine, and arrived at Bridge No.55 King’s Bromley, just past King's Bromley marina. As we pulled into the towpath to moor up we both noticed some wood in amongst the woods alongside the towpath, so once we had tied up, we foraged for a stock which will dry out in the hold this summer, then we can bag it up ready for next winter.


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