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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Foxton Village to Market Harborough

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Harborough 2

We took advantage of the frosty cloudless morning to walk along the towpath back to Foxton Locks to have a coffee in Bridge 61. We then returned via the bridleway south of the canal, which comes out on the road just up the hill from the church. After lunch we waited for our Tesco delivery, which arrived at about 2:45, and once loaded onto the boat we set off for Harborough. There was a thin layer of ice on the canal as we neared the swing bridge, which Jo opened. Once through the swing bridge Jo set about stowing the shopping away, whilst I ploughed through the thin ice, which was now getting up to ½” thick. There was plenty of mooring space on the towpath outside Union Wharf, but we had to move along all the spaces to be able to actually moor up close enough to the bank so that Paddy can get off when he needs to go for his walk.

We have added some new items to our products that we sell.


These are coasters which are made from flexible non-slip rubber.



These are places mats, also made from flexible non-slip rubber, which could also be used as a mouse mat.



And these are key rings.

We have a stock of them on-board Hadar, it will be interesting to see how popular they are this summer.


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