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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Snow in Harborough


This was this mornings view from Hadar’s galley window as I was cooking mushrooms on toast for breakfast. It struck me as very much how a scene in Canada or the USA would look. As I have never been there I am probably wrong, but that is how it looked to me. Jo went out early this morning with her camera, and no doubt she will be posting some of the photos on her BLOG this later this morning. I might have to pinch some of them for this BLOG later, when she isn’t looking!



Mike Muir said...

Except for the canal in the foreground that is exactly how it looks right now. We are, however, having a VERY mild winter and there is only about 8 inches depth in the drift that forms round the end of the house. Normally it would be around 2' by mid February, and with another 2 months of potential snow accumulation. Never mind, next year I can enjoy a similar view. Moving to the UK in April, getting onboard about a week after that. See you on the cut!
Mike in Garnet, Ontario, Canada.

Keith (Boatman) said...

Hello Mike, it did strike me when I took the photo that that is how it could look, but never having been to Canada or North America, it is only how I can imagine what it looks like.