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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Foxton Locks, via Debdale

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Foxton 2

We set off this morning passing through Foxton junction heading for Debdale Wharf for some diesel. Crunching some more ice, but nowhere near as thick as yesterday, and there were large stretches which were clear of ice, especially where the wind was able to waft unhindered across the canal. My first attempt to enter the marina failed miserably as a coal bag went onto the prop. Jo spotted it but it was too late to avoid it. The attempt aborted I brought Hadar alongside the towpath and removed the offending coal bad from the prop with our short pole with a spike, a lot warmer than going down through the weed hatch. My second attempt was thwarted by the strengthening wind. However, my third attempt was successful. 100 litres of diesel later, and following a quick chat with Alan off of “Pengalarty” we returned to Foxton locks and proceeded up them, accompanied by visitors to the site, what with it being half term, and despite a chill still in the air, there were a few. Having got to the top of the locks and moored up, we walked back down to Bridge 61 for coffee and baguettes, which were very warming inside.


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