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Monday, February 27, 2012

King’s Bromley to Roseford Bridge No.94, Acton Trussell

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Acton Trussell

A dull start to the day, and we set off heading through Armitage then Rugeley. The first lock was Colwich, where a boat had just come down, so the lock was ready for us. Along this stretch of canal we had noticed the large amount of offside and towpath side clearing that has been going on, with trees, bushes etc. all cut back to the waters edge. A boat was waiting to go up through Great Haywood lock, we know we are back on the T&M, with boats moving in all directions. This especially applied at the junction, with a boat winding, and one waiting to come out of the Staffs & Worcs. Chaos reigns.

At Tixall Wide there were only 3 boats moored up! Again at Tixall lock we came across 2 small boats starting up through the lock. As we approached Deptmore lock, the light rain started so once through we moored just pass Roseford Bridge No.94, near Acton Trussell. Again this whole stretch has seen a large scale tree and bush trimming, BW have been busy and it is very much appreciated.


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