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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Welford Lock to Welford Junction

Map picture


Welford Junction 2

A busy morning today. As Jo had let the boatman's cabin stove go out last night, she decided to cleaned the chimney flue whilst it was cold. I went off along the towpath with a dustbin liner and litter picker and picked up a bagful of rubbish, from the lock to the first marina entrance. We then went to see if Les was at the dry dock, which he wasn’t, but whilst we were chatting to Neil, Les turned up, so we were able to book our next dry docking for March 2013. I also briefly discussed getting some removable bulkheads made to keep our loose coal in place rather than the bags of coal we are using at present. The idea I have had is to make some strips of steel 6” wide, and long enough to span the hold, with alternate small pieces to lock each one to the one below, same as stop planks work. It will be easy to demonstrate with a photo once they are built so you will have to wait with bated breath until then. This should make a strong removable bulkhead, which is light enough to handle, and easy to store. We will discuss it  further with Les later in the year when we return.

With everything sorted with Les, we decided to move back out to the junction for the rest of the weekend. We managed to get moored up just before the fine drizzle turned into the predicted and much needed rain.


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