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Friday, February 17, 2012

Foxton Locks to Welford

Map picture


Welford Lock

Last night Jo and I joined Ian and Irene from nb “Free Spirit” at Bridge 61 for a couple of beers and a good chat, we had lots to talk about and not enough time!


This morning we set off for Welford. The ice had cleared, that is until just after North Kilworth when we came across just a few patches of very thin ice. The ice although still only thin was more prevalent along the Welford arm up to the lock, which we passed through, then winded and moored up just above it.

We went to see Les at the dry dock to book our next docking, but he wasn’t there, but Neil reckoned he would be there tomorrow, so we will stop here overnight and try to see him tomorrow.

After lunch we took a walk up to Welford reservoir.


There is certainly more water than when we visited in May last year, but according to the rather new looking depth gauges it is still 4.1 metres down.

SAM_1215                  SAM_0636

The right-hand photo is the rather sad gauges last May, at least the new ones are more readable. The water back then was well below the bottom gauge and therefore was indeterminate as to how low it actually was.


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