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Sunday, February 22, 2009


We have spent the weekend at Foxton and it has been absolutely lovely. The weather has really helped because Saturday we had wall to wall sunshine, which bought the gongoozlers out to play. With all our boat jobs done, we took a stroll up to the Museum to have a look around, it is well worth a visit for £2.50 an adult and £1.50 for concessions. We then had a nice cup of coffee at the cafe by the bottom lock, which was very busy. As we sat drinking our coffee it really did amaze me how little parents take notice of what their children are doing. There were lots of very small children wandering about, and some were walking very close to the edge of the canal. It would not have taken much for one of them to have fallen in, either by slipping or being pushed in by a roving dog or another child. Parents really should keep a better eye on their children.The Foxton Locks Inn was also really busy. It is still undergoing work and at the moment they are having a function room built on.Even though we had come down the Foxton Flight it was still nice to walk to the top to enjoy another coffee at the cafe at the top lock and then have a walk around the Foxton Inclined Plane and the boat lift. The Foxton Inclined Plane Trust is working hard to raise the money to restore the lift. They hope to restore it to full working order, but it all takes money. In 2008 the Foxton Locks Partnership completed a £3m lottery funded project which has resulted in the lift site being removed from the 'Monuments at risk' register.Sundays weather has been a little chillier, with a strong breeze blowing and no sign of the sunshine until late in the afternoon. We did have another walk around the locks. Mainly because it was actually too nice to sit on the boat. But like with all good things they must come to an end and back at the boat we then made an attempt on the brass work, which has not been cleaned for a while. It took quite a lot of elbow grease to make a dent in the grime, but I dare say after a few goes it will be nice and shiny again. The next task will be the paintwork, which is in need of some attention before we go into dry dock in April.


Pip - nb Windsong said...

Hi Keith and Jo
We spotted Hadar this morning at Foxton Locks when we went to have our first go at Geocaching - we knocked but unfortunately you weren't home - we will have to introduce ourselves next time - so sorry to have missed you.
Pip & Roger - Nb Windsong

Keith and Jo said...

Hi Pip & Roger. Sorry we were not around, we had gone walking up around the boat lift and got chatting to people as you do. Hopefully we will see you sometime in the future. We hope you enjoyed your walk and the new boots proved to be sucessful. Jo & Keith.

Bonsaichris said...

Spotted you twice in the last 10 days, passing Crick Marina last Monday, and heading out of Foxton this Monday. Always enjoyed you blog, nice to see Hadar in the flesh - engine sounds awesome.
Chris & Jen - NB Fat Rascal
Hope we get chance to chat sometime.

Keith and Jo said...

Hiya Bonsaichris. Welcome onboard. We look forward to chatting to you sometime. Next time you see us give us a shout, we will be coming back through Foxton shortly to head to our coal merchant. We love our engine, she is a rare beast with an attitude LOL.