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Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow at last yippee

Last evening I was stood enjoying the last of the day and watching the sunset behind a farm opposite the boat, when a pair of foxes walked down the field from the farm and into the undergrowth. We have seen the odd fox out and about, but never a pair. Sadly one of the foxes was very lame, so I only hope it will be ok, it has probably been in a fight or hit by a car. I only wish I could have got a photograph of them both. As the sunset behind the farm, it looked just like the farm was ablaze. As promised the snow has arrived and we are seeing some of it. Even Marmite wanted to go out and see what all the fuss was about.When it comes to snow I am afraid I am like a little child, I just love everything about it, so no sooner had Paddy been for his walk and breakfast was over with, I was back out with my camera to enjoy the snow. What was so wonderful was the sound of children, laughing, screaming and having fun. The sounds were coming from Cropredy School, where the children were enjoying playtime on the playing field, throwing snow balls and just enjoying the weather. it was so refreshing to see and listen to them having fun, because so often we hear of schools closed due to the weather conditions.
In places the canal has frozen over and the snow has settled on the surface of the canal. Hadar is looking very festive with her coating of snow.Even the Old Mill bridge has a coating of snow due to the direction the wind was blowing.

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