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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another day in snowy paradise.

Yesterday morning yet more snow fell, it continued to do so until lunch time. During the morning we welcomed onboard Alison and Ian from working boat Gosty Hill for a coffee and a chat, they had been moored in front of us overnight and were heading back to their mooring.

The snow just transformed everything around us, it looked so tranquil. Looking across the valley all you could see was a serene landscape.
As the day drew to a close, we were joined by NB Maximus, they brought with them the most fabulous sunset.
This morning we have woken up to being iced in, so we will stay put for the time being. One thing we always make sure of, is that we have a good food store onboard. We also have a full tank of water and plenty of diesel, so it is not so important for us to move at the moment, although I think we both feel we want to be moving off, as we get that roving itch.


dundustin said...

absoltely stunning...great photos. Hopefully in 6 to 7 years (thats when I shall be mortgage free) I too shall be enjoying the waterways of the Uk. Not decided on narrowboat or widebeam.
Great blog Hadar :)

Keith and Jo said...

Hi Dundustin. Welcome onboard. Keith Knows only to well what it is like to have a dream, he had his for 40 years, so we both wish you lots of luck with yours when the time comes. We look forward to meeting up with you once you are afloat.