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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Progress is being made.

When we moored up just on the Leicester Arm at Norton Junction, there was absolutely no way that we could make any headway through two inch thick frozen snow, so we were more than happy to stay put with NB Meand'er, NB Beez Kneez and NB Glenfield.
Not even the poor Moorhen knew which way to go. it had a confused expression on its face LOL.
But what a difference a couple of days makes. With the temperatures now on the up, the ice is beginning to slowly melt. Not only that it has begun to rain. Progress was made when the BW work boat Carnaby ploughed past on its way to Watford. After that NB Shadow with Halfie and family onboard came alongside to buy a bag of coal, they were overtaken by NB Lorien, so it seems the flood gates are now open with boats moving. We on the other hand will hold back as there will be a queue at the Watford Locks. The problem then is not knowing what conditions are like above the locks. So we are not planning on making a move today, we will let others go and then we can hopefully make a clear run.


dundustin said...

wow it does look icy. Glad your on the move again. I'm sitting in my flat here with static views of a block of flats opposite me. How I wish I could be on my own narrowboat.
To keep my dream alive I have started a blog of my ideal boat.

happy sailing Hadar!

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
A BW boat came by us about lunchtine, heading towards the Watford flight, breaking the ice. He said it had been pretty tough going in places. NB Lorien has just passed us as I type! We're not moving today, but will move tomorrow for water at the water point at the top of the locks, then head onto Norton Junction. So see you tomorrow!