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Friday, February 13, 2009

Leicester Arm here we come.

Friday 13th February.

Braunston to Norton Junction, Leicester Arm. 4.4 miles and 6 locks.

Last night it snowed for a while and we had thought we would not be moving today, but the snow turned to rain and then stopped, so we were much more optimistic that we would be able to make a move.
When we got up the sun was shining which bode well for us setting out up the Braunston Flight. Even the ice on the canal had disappeared. So with Paddy walked, breakfast eaten and tea drunk, we donned our coats and slipped our mooring. Just after leaving our mooring we saw Les on NB Valerie, he was moored near the Elsan Point at Bridge 91. He advised us that we may have problems getting onto the Leicester Arm as the ice is very thick, we said we would give it a look and make a decision once there. We wished him well and headed onward towards the Braunston Flight.
The main obstacle for me was keeping my feet at the locks. I reckon I could have given Todd Carty a run for his money on Dancing On Ice at times, because it was slippery under foot, where the snow had been compacted into ice, but I took everything at a slow pace and making sure of my footing at all times. With the flight cleared, we then headed through Braunston Tunnel and out into yet more bright sunshine. After the tunnel there are lots of signs out which say No Mooring, it is because Morrisons are doing a lot of towpath work, along this stretch of the canal, almost to the junction.
We arrived at Norton Junction, having not had much of a problem with ice, but that was all about to change as we entered the mouth of the Leicester Arm.

The ice is indeed thick, but with warm bright sunshine now directed onto it, we are hopeful that the ice will begin to melt and we are not the only ones as other boats have been here a couple of days and are hoping to head up the arm. So we shall see what the weekend brings before making any further decisions.

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Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
Got your message. Today's been the best day of the fortnight, but you're right, the ice is still an inch and half thick at least. No boats have come by us in either direction for over 2 weeks now, but hopefully this weekend will see it begin to shift. We hope to be able to move Sunday/Monday, so will keep an eye out for you :-)