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Monday, February 16, 2009

Norton Junction Leicester Arm, to Welford Junction.

Monday 16th February.

Norton Junction Leicester Arm, to Welford Junction 15.2 miles and 7 locks.

Having enjoyed a good nights sleep and a nice couple of days here, we were up early to make an earlier start than normal, as we wanted to get up through the Watford Locks, in case it got busy during the morning with boaters beginning to move now the ice was melting. After a couple of days we feel the need to move, I guess we get the rovers itch. Although being in one place has its appeal for later in life, right now we just want to be moving as much as we can.Just before we set off NB Glenfield went past us heading for the locks, so we did not hurry ourselves on leaving the mooring. When we arrived at the flight of locks, NB Glenfield was just going into the first of the locks, and we followed on behind with NB Osprey behind us. We cleared the first two locks and then had the staircase of four locks to negotiate.The last time we did this flight was in January 2005 and we were coming down the flight, having collected our old boat NB Misty Lady from ABNB, where we bought her from. She was our home whilst Hadar was being built. The convoy of three boats working up through the staircase, worked like a well oiled machine, everyone made it to the top in quick time and who should be there at the Sanitary Station filling up with water. It was none other than NB Derwent6 with Del and Al, who were very pleased to see us. I like so many others read a lot of boaters blogs, and I there are some we have not met yet, but we look forward to the day when we come across them on the system.Today it was Del and Al’s turn and what a lovely welcome we got. I can sometimes get a feeling for what people are like from reading their blog and I have to say Del and Al are exactly what I expected. Genuinely lovely bubbly people, who are clearly enjoying life afloat to the full, just like us which is wonderful. As they filled up with water we pulled in to allow NB Osprey to pass and to unload some coal for Del and Al as they were down to their last bag.We enjoyed several minutes with them chatting about the Leicester Arm and the weather before we bid them farewell, leaving them to get on with their washing, as Del was running out of pants (I will leave you to make your own mind up on what would take their place). I so hope we meet up with them again soon so we can spend longer with chatting over a coffee or something stronger. Del and Al you have now been elevated into Boaters We've Met, yes you have made it finally LOL.
We saw our first lambs of 2009, they were huddled against mum for some warmth. I cannot say I blame them.We were fortunate to see quite a bit of wildlife today, but then the surroundings were scenic. In all we saw kingfishers, kestrels, a pair of buzzards, a squirrel sunbathing and best of all was a little egret out in the field with the sheep.The little egret is becoming much more common in this country. This was the first one we have seen, only wish I could have got a better photograph of it.
We ploughed through Crick Tunnel and then through Crick and past ABNB where we bought our old boat from in 2005. We were now into new territory for us both. We saw NB Adrastea moored up, so no doubt we will see them again in a couple of days. The conditions on the canal were somewhat hit and miss, in some places there was no ice at all, and in others it was from ½ inch to 2 ½ inches thick. We were thankful that in the thicker places a BW workboat had been through before, but it did make the corners more difficult to negotiate. But Hadar took it all in her stride and with such lovely countryside to enjoy, we were not that bothered by the ice. Our day ended just before the Junction with the Welford Arm, which is where we shall be heading next.

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dundustin said...

wow i love the way you write your blog. It's almost like being there. Takes the hum drum out of my daily routine in the office.
Glad you finally got to meet Del and Al at last....they do look like a fun couple indeed.
Lemme guess whats for dinner tonight....lamb chops???