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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just what we have been waiting for.

We were both awake throughout the night, maybe in anticipation of what the forecasters promised us or we just could not sleep.
At 6am I got up and made us a cup of tea, which we enjoyed in the warmth of our back cabin bed. Both of us could not resist a peek out of the back cabin doors and yippee we got what we had been hoping for, snow, snow and more snow.
By 7am we were up and dressed. Paddy and I were off the boat with my camera in hand, snapping away at the magnificent winter scene. Keith and I just love the snow, it brings back many happy childhood memories for me living in the countryside.
We reckon we were blessed with around 3 to 4 inches of the white stuff. Not only have we taken many photos, we have also taken a short video, after all who knows when it will happen again. There is no telling how long the snow will last, knowing this country all of five minutes, so we are going to make the most of it whilst we have it. We hope that where ever you are you are safe and warm.

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