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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Apsley to Cassiobury Park

5.3  miles, 11 locks, 3hrs 35mins.

Map picture

Cassiobury Park

A wet start which persisted through most of the journey, on & off.


The Paper Mill public house, Apsley, in the rain.

BT Westside in the rain, did some work here once.


Nash Mills have now disappeared and this new estate is taking shape in the rain.


Langley Wides in the rain.


Hunton Bridge Pair in the rain.


First emerging daffodils in the rain at Lady Capel Lock.


Cassiobury locks in the rain, as can be seen from the puddles on the towpath it has been raining a bit today. There was plenty of room to moor up below this, the bottom lock, in plenty of deep water. Paddy isn’t going to like the puddles this evening when I take him for his walk.

Last night we had a lovely time celebrating with family, and friends of my eldest sister and her husband, their Golden Wedding anniversary with a grand party held at their youngest son’s school in Apsley, where he is caretaker, which is rather handy see we were moored in Apsley.


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