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Monday, March 18, 2013

Cassiobury Park to Denham Deep Lock

9.1 miles, 10 locks, 5hrs.

Map picture

Denham Deep

A dull but at least dry day today, with a bit of mist on the water.


Approaching Iron Bridge lock in Cassiobury Park.


Nice new top gates at Iron Bridge lock, fitted this month.


Batchworth locks.


We moored up at Tescos at Batchworth to do some food shopping.


Stokers Farm, below Stokers Lock, where the TV series “Black Beauty” was filmed in 1972.


This Chinook helicopter flew over us.


Pisces on her home mooring above Coppermill lock at HNA. The Millstream below the lock was running quite fiercely due to the rain we had yesterday, but was no problem since fitting our new prop.


Approaching Black Jack’s lock.


Harefield Marina.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

We're here in the Bahamas and the helicopters buzzing us are Drug Enforcement Agency guys from the USA working in conjunction with the Bahamian Defence Force. They photograph boats in marinas, and fly low looking for shallow-water submarines. So far, they've caught 10 of these subs, built in South America, running up the Bahamian chain hoping to blend in with the cruiser yachts and drop their drugs off Florida.

We are winding down our winter cruise, heading north and slowing getting into the going-home mode. 10 locks in 5 hours sounds laborious! Good for you.