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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Denham Country Park

Map picture

As the weather wasn’t too bad this morning we took a walk back to Denham Deep lock and then onto the Denham Country Park.


The turf roofed shelter we think is new since we visited here 4 years ago, but the sculpture was here then.


We had hoped to walk to the nature reserve on the other side of the canal, but the path was flooded.


We tried another path, but that was the same, even the golf range beyond was under water.


The River Colne is in the foreground, the further weir is the Frays River, which crosses underneath the canal just above Denham Deep lock.


Even the marshland in the park is flooding, and flowing well underneath this footbridge, not only flowing but it was gurgling too.

tree down

We had hoped to get to the nature reserve by walking along the towpath but even this was blocked by a downed tree, another thing to report to the Canal & River Trust.

Frans tea garden

We had a coffee at Fran’s Tea Garden at Denham Deep lock cottage, and we had a long chat with Fran.


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