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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Swan & Bottle to Uxbridge Dry Dock

0.58 miles, no locks, 15mins

Map picture

Uxbridge Dry Dock (2)

We set off from the Swan & Bottle amidst the snow falling to arrive at the Dry Dock in plenty of time before our due time of 9:00am, we got there at 8:30am.

Uxbridge Dry Dock


Waiting patiently for the dry dock, but it was 1:30pm before we entered the dock, due to the work on the previous boat taking longer to complete. It was Elsdale II the floating school room having some major work done to protect the propellers which have been particularly vulnerable, and having a weed hatch added to the bow thrusters. We are in and now waiting for the dock to empty, but seeing as it is now 5:30pm, I doubt we will now start work until tomorrow morning.


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