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Friday, March 01, 2013

Aylesbury Basin to Bridge No.12.

2.3 miles, 3 locks, 1hr 20mins.

Map picture
Aylesbury Br12

We said our farewells to Aylesbury basin this morning, and set off to the water point, about 400metres from our mooring! Once full we then headed off for a country mooring for the weekend.


Taking on water, the new Travelodge taking shape alongside the canal.


Above the first lock No.16 we moored up to go shopping at Tescos.


Leaving Lock No.15.


The piling is leaking here. It was at this point along the canal that we saw 2 Red Kites flying, typical with Jo’s camera away for repair, which apparently has been fixed and dispatched to my sister from whom we will collect it soon.

Red Kite

Perhaps one day Jo will get a great photo of a Red Kite like this one.

We are moored against plastic piling, yes plastic piling, which looks exactly the same as the steel piling, but instead of the Armco this has a plastic beam.


This must have been experimental, but as far as we know has never been taken up elsewhere.


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