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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Uxbridge to Harefield

4.4 miles, 4 locks, 2hrs 25mins.

Map picture

Black Jacks Lock

The dry dock was filled with water at 8:10am.


It didn’t take too long to fill.


Unfortunately when I went to start the engine it would only run on one cylinder, so we had to crawl to just before the Swan & Bottle, where we pulled in and I had to strip down the engine to bleed the air out of the same injector pump. We obviously have a problem with air very slowly getting into that pump, so at some point I will have to check all the pipe connections etc., are done up tight.

We moored up above Black Jacks lock in Harefield and then walked to my sister and her husband’s house for lunch and a great chinwag all afternoon.


During the walk to their house I took a photo of their house from across the fields.


Hadar moored above Black Jacks lock and mill, a very picturesque spot, a favourite location my parents and my younger sister used to come to one their first boat for weekends.


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