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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bourne End to Apsley.

2.4 miles, 8 locks, 3hrs 15mins.

Map picture


A very pleasant start to the day, the sunshine was quite warming, despite the few spits and spots of snow throughout the morning.


Approaching Winkwell swingbridge.


Winkwell Dock looks very neat and tidy these days. Someone had been working hard cleaning it all up.


Last time we passed the Fishery’s Inn it was being renovated, which has now all been completed, the colour scheme is a tad dull though. We had hoped to moor at Two Waters, but there was no room, so we carried onto to just above Apsley top lock, where we were able to get close to the towpath, but we were not happy about being moored there on mooring pins, so after lunch I walked down past middle Apsley lock and there was room on the ringed moorings there, so we moved down through the 2 locks which we shared with another boat.

We popped over the canal to Argos and purchased this Coolbox.


It will tide us over for now until we can get our Fridge/Freezer fixed, to keep things like milk, butter, cheese etc. nice and cool.


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