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Friday, August 05, 2011

The Bratch to Park Bridge Moorings.

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Park Bridge Moorings

The last early start this week, and no drizzle. Either I or Jo has stood in something, as yet again all the locks were in our favour, apart from one which had about a foot of water in it, overnight leakage. It has made an amazing difference to our journey times, we have achieved 3.96 lockmiles/hour (10.2 miles 7 locks in 4hrs 20mins), and we have moved further than anticipated. We had thought of stopping at Compton, but having arrived there by 8:30am we decided to carry on. We have also decided to head north up the Shroppie, and return by the Middlewich branch and T&M. At Autherley junction the Anglo Welsh boats were on there turn  around day, with old crews departing and new crews arriving. We carried on to the 48hr moorings between Hunting Bridge No.7 and Park Bridge No.8, a very popular mooring spot, so we are lucky to have got a mooring here, but we timed it right, just as we were approaching 2 boats set off, leaving us a space to slide into.

The sun is shining, we have a good mooring for the weekend, beer is in the fridge, what could be better?


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